Jibreel Ameen, another youngest yet most experienced entrepreneur from Pakistan.

When mental and financial freedom is needed, entrepreneurs like Jibreel Ameen rise up and make their dreams come true. A young, talented and experienced entrepreneur from Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa Pakistan was interviewed about his big achievements and made our whole team wondered how he started at a very young age and fulfilled his dreams.

In 2013 when most college graduates collected their degrees and moved back to their parents, Jibreel Ameen founded Big Boys Media, a business that provides excellent content about daily lifestyle. During the last few years Jibreel Ameen has helped his company grow significantly. Since leading his first company earn a good reputation in June 2012 from Facebook (affiliate marketing) He started investing in Facebook and formed a very strong network of 80 million audience within a year.

The young Mayor and Hero of digital marketing in Pakistan has helped a lot of internet enthusiasts from all fields gain huge following and exposure in no time by utilizing his skills. This young lad used to educate and deliver speech on mass media when most of today’s entrepreneurs were busy going schools.

Currently running a huge lifestyle and fashion audience, the Founder/CEO of Big Boys Media helps people gain social media following, increase in sales, business development and educating all bloggers. This social media guru can take your business to next level by implementing his rules as his portfolio has a lot of famous celebrities he’s managing.
Just a photos and videos sharing platform bringing you a huge income will amaze you once you set your rules of creating attractive content, he said. So many Instagram growth and marketing services have begun popping up but hiring the right people with proven record, and portfolio for your online business will help you ease the tedious and time consuming process. It’s clear that Instagram isn’t just for personal uses anymore, whether you or your hobby, it’s a global digital media platform that allows businesses to interact, form relation, make business and grow simultaneously. Jibreel and his staff at Big Boys Media educate all social media interns, bloggers and influencers (FREE OF COST) because he said it took him a decade learning the online business in extremely challenging environment.

Being asked a question about his skills, he said his learning and early stage investment helped him succeed. An entrepreneur is a special vibe and tribe with a professional caring crew. During the interview He said his professional career was started in 2004 when he designed a flash website for a beauty salon for $45 only. Every little counts and back in 2004 a $10 earning would make our whole week balanced.

Things got changed when this young Lad started his clothing and apparel business on Facebook. His company got bigger and became Social Media Manager of world’s leading garments and apparel businesses. His media network comprised of Automotive industry made his second success when their audience on Facebook reached 1.8 million in three months without putting a single penny in business. That huge audience of Automotive and fashion industry making a 60 million audience was merged into a huge media network in the United States.

Earning online without dirtying your hands is easy but maintaining finance and controlling multimillion dreams isn’t. Most of entrepreneurs fail because they don’t put the required amount of efforts, time and money into their business as well as taking the right decision at the right time is very important.

According to the young entrepreneur the hardest time of your career is the starting point when you fight your thoughts of failure. An entrepreneur always feel like a lonely journey in start but there comes many opportunities to get up from your desk, attend meetings, seminars, speak to the audience, sharpen your skills, learn best practices and forge relationships as soon as you get media’s attention.

He said his starting point was Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. His favourite application used to be typing pad to enhance his typing speed which he practiced for years and won many awards. Joining a variety of events that wasn’t even of his age and career led him form relations with world’s top Universities management and media staff.

Entrepreneurs don’t work to gain status. Sharing content to create an awareness about Graphics, web design, and search engine optimization all comes under digital marketing. Without wasting a single minute one can easily create a Facebook page or Instagram account and start marketing their business or service. Jibreel still remembers offering businesses his skills to design flash websites back in 2004. Ever since Facebook has launched, Jibreel found his way of creating his own business and rise up.

Entrepreneurs can be relied on because they work hard to achieve their goals. Their team selection is perfect because they never want to fail. They are comfortable in every situation because they see their goals accomplished.

A question, Are these qualities in an entrepreneur’s DNA or they established them over time? I believe it’s a bit of both because seeing potential opportunities in future and working hard for it in present is a big risk but if you want to meet the perfect example, meet this internet legend who can help you gain huge exposure, audience as well as enhance your social and digital media capabilities.

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